kinesis |kəˈnēsis|
noun ( pl. kineses |-ˌsēz| )
movement; motion.

About Kinesis Medical

Kinesis Medical has been established in 2013 after learning the problems that occur mainly for start-up companies wishing to expand their business. 
With more than a decade of experience, we established a global network of contacts in the medical device and cosmetics industry. 
We assist companies developing their business and improving their supply chain.

We add value to your business by being part of your business. The services we offer vary from warehousing, order fulfillment, customer service, invoicing, VAT services, and accounting. All these service together will reduce your operating costs significantly. We are a multidisciplinary team with expertise in medical techniques, marketing, (online) sales, accounting, and taxation. All of which are at the disposal of your firm to make your expansion abroad a success. We focus on personal contact with our customers.

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