Logistics via the Netherlands

Kinesis Medical assists medical device companies with shipping products to their customers. When exporting products, especially start-up companies choose to ship orders directly to distributors and customers. As the frequency of orders and order volumes increase, however, it might be interesting to establish a suitable warehousing arrangement. It is therefore necessary to reconsider your logistics. Kinesis Medical offers the logistic solutions you need.


As a supplier you can decide to warehouse your products in a centralized location. Costs of bulk shipments are significantly lower than shipping your products individually and reduce total inventory levels in the supply chain at the level of the distributors. With this service you maintain the option to ship the same or next day to your customers resulting in quicker delivery that translates into improved customer satisfaction. Kinesis Medical will save costs in your supply chain, will increase your service levels, and will help you to increase your market share.

A gateway to the world

As a supplier of medical devices it is important to have a well functioning and reliable logistic network to serve your customers all over the world. Kinesis Medical is located in the Netherlands, which provides a strategic location with excellent connections to the rest of the world. The central geographical position of the Netherlands, in particular our location in the south, offers great logistical advantages as it is close to the Port of Rotterdam, which is Europe’s largest and most important seaport. Moreover, we are centrally located between major European airports, such as Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, which is ranked as Europe’s best airport for both cargo and passenger transport, Brussels Airport and Düsseldorf Airport. Furthermore, TNT, FedEx, UPS, and DHL all have transportation hubs in our direct proximity. A logistic center in the Netherlands, therefore, creates a gateway to Europe and the rest of the world.

Logistic Services

The logistic services supplied by Kinesis Medical include:

• storage of goods in our secure warehouse;
• receiving orders directly from your distribution network and hospitals;
• handling orders and shipping products to your customers;
• EC Authorized Representation;
• acting as a fiscal representative so that VAT can be deferred.

Kinesis Medical handles your products according to your requirements and government regulatory and understands that optimizing your supply chain is more than just a warehouse operation. With our logistic services you will keep your own identity, as we act as a direct extension of your company.

Full Logistic Services

In addition to our logistic services, you may opt for our full logistic services. You have the possibility to have your own Dutch company while we take care of your daily business. The full logistic services supplied by Kinesis Medical include:

• storage of goods in our secure warehouse;
• receiving orders directly from your distribution network and hospitals;
• handling orders and ship products to your customers;
• telephone answering and mail management;
• customer care service;
• producing financial reports periodically;
• complying with VAT and income tax regulations;
• serving as a liaison between you and the tax authorities;
• being the contact person for an accountant, if necessary.

With our full logistic services you are owner of the Dutch company, while Kinesis Medical takes care of the daily business and respects your interests. In other words: you benefit from all the advantages the Netherlands offers, without the burden to manage it.

Think about the additional advantages

In addition to the logistical advantages our region offers, conducting your business through a Dutch B.V. (equivalent to Ltd.) brings other benefits. Click here to find out more about doing business in the Netherlands via your own company in the Netherlands.

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