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3PL For Medical Devices

3PL for Medical Devices

Kinesis Medical is a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) provider and assists medical device companies with their entire…

Order Picking By Kinesis Medical

Kitting and (re)labeling

We build kits and (re)label your products according to your instructions as part of our one-stop solution.
Ship Your Products


Fast and reliable shipping to your customers in any country. It saves time and costs; for you and your customer.
VAT Management

VAT Management

Is your enterprise established outside the Netherlands? And do you do business in the Netherlands?…

Establish A Company In The Netherlands

Establish a Company

Optimise your financial activities with establishing a company in the Netherlands. Discover the possibilities...
Ampoule Cosmetics

EU Responsible Person

It is required to designate a Responsible Person (RP) for each cosmetic product placed on the EU market.

EU Importer

We import your products from any country in the world. We take care of the importer requirements...
Complete The Puzzle With Warehousing Solutions By Kinesis Medical

Business Development

The goal of Kinesis Medical, besides being a partner, is to be the extension of your business. We provide you with...
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