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3PL for medical devices

Kinesis Medical is a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) provider and assists medical device companies with their entire logistic process from receiving, storage, kitting to shipping. We offer more services related to the medical industry, but our core business in 3PL for medical devices. When exporting products, especially start-up companies choose to ship orders directly to distributors and customers. When the frequency of orders and order volumes increase, it may be interesting to reconsider your logistics and establish an efficient medical 3PL arrangement.

You benefit from many advantages from both a logistics as well as a VAT perspective when you store your products in our warehouse. We take care of your entire VAT management resulting in VAT-free imports and VAT-free supplies to your distributors.

3PL for medical devices and cosmetics

Our 3PL service is dedicated to medical devices and cosmetic products. We only focus on medical devices and cosmetic products and, therefore, we understand what you are looking for. We provide you with a comprehensive logistic solution that includes clean and temperature-controlled storage, order fulfilment, transparent inventory control, product traceability, and VAT management.

A gateway to the world

Our warehouse is located in Tilburg, in the south of The Netherlands. It provides a strategic location with excellent connections to the rest of the world. The central geographical position of the Netherlands, in particular our location in the south, offers great logistical advantages as it is close to the Port of Rotterdam, which is Europe’s largest and most important seaport. Moreover, we are centrally located between major European airports, such as Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, which is ranked as Europe’s best airport for both cargo and passenger transport and Brussels Airport. Furthermore, TNT, FedEx, UPS, and DHL all have transportation hubs in our direct proximity. Your logistic center in the Netherlands creates a gateway to Europe and the rest of the world.


We store your products according to their requirements in our warehouse. We focus on medical devices and cosmetic products only, so your product will be stored in a clean and temperature controlled environment. It offers cool and dry storage conditions with temperatures between 10 and 25 °C. Special storage conditions can be organised in separate compartments in our warehouse upon request.

All LOT and SNs are registered to meet traceability requirements and depending on your preferences we apply the FIFO or FEFO method to optimise shelf life.

Inventory control

You will have full insight in your inventory. You can access our online warehouse management system to see which products are stored in our warehouse and the status of your orders.

We generate cycle counting reports, depending on your preferences. This will give you insight in your inventory status. We also offer physical inventory counting for example at the end of the year.


We receive products from your warehouse or from your suppliers. We perform quality checks and validate the Advance Shipping Notice with the actual shipment. All inbound items will be verified and registered to ensure LOT, SN and/or UDI traceability. The process from receipt of the goods to storage in our warehouse takes up to three hours. Then your products are ready for kitting or shipping to your customers.

We are also capable to speed up the inbound process for urgent shipments. This arranges that your products are almost immediately ready for shipment to your customers after receipt.

We are able to receive shipments of any size. From a single parcel to 40ft shipping containers that we unload at one of our nine loading docks.


When you receive an order from your customers, we pick and pack the order according to your instructions and inventory management. All items will be verified to ensure LOT, SN and/or UDI traceability. We also build kits or relabel the products.

We prepare a fully customized packing slip with your logo that will be attached to the shipment. To increase your brand awareness, we can use packaging materials with your company logo and design. We can provide these packaging materials from our local partners as well.


After we have picked the order we select the best carrier for shipping according to your requirements.

If your customer prefers to arrange the shipment themself, a notification is send out to you and your customer that the parcel is ready to be collected. We also ship on your customer account number if desirable so that they can control their own shipping expenses.

We provide various shipping solutions that will suit your needs.


As a supplier you can decide to warehouse your products in a centralized location. Costs of bulk shipments are significantly lower than shipping your products individually and reduce total inventory levels in the supply chain at the level of your distributors. With this service you maintain the option to ship the same or next day to your customers resulting in quicker delivery that translates into improved customer satisfaction. Kinesis Medical will save costs in your supply chain, will increase your service levels, removes VAT burdens and will help you to increase your market share.

Medical Third-Party Logistics

Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Contact us to learn more about our medical third-party logistics (3PL) and how you can benefit from a warehouse in the Netherlands.

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