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Establish a company in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for its attractive financial and fiscal climate. No wonder that almost every major multinational company is located in the Netherlands. Not only Fortune 500 companies benefit from the Dutch financial and fiscal climate, you can also establish a company to obtain advantages offered by the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is a small country, but it is one of the largest import and export economies in the world. It has traditionally always had an open economy and the level of trade with other countries is very significant. The Netherlands earns some 33% of its income from the export of goods and services. This is why there is a very efficient customs clearance process in place to avoid delays and to ensure continuity.

Optimise your financial activities with establishing a company in the Netherlands. We distinguish ourself with multidisciplinary expertise on accounting, taxation and medical devices. Discover how you create possibilities for your company here, in the EU.

You may conduct several activities through your Dutch firm, such as contract manufacturing and selling products via your Dutch firm throughout the whole world, or act solely as a logistic center to serve a particular market. No matter what kind of business you decide to establish in the Netherlands, it will always be located in a stable economic and financial environment (AAA rating) with reliable banks. In addition to the prosperous financial climate, you may also benefit from substantial fiscal advantages. These advantages include a corporate income tax rate of 19% on the first € 200,000 and 25,8% for taxable profits exceeding € 200,000.

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Establish a company in The Netherlands to optimise your activities in Europe

Stay in control and benefit from trade advantages while we handle accounting and reporting. Contact us for more information.

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